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Floor Mounted Barriers

Floor Mounted Barriers provide surface-level protection from forklifts and other moving equipment.

Barrier systems consist of guard sections from 3 feet to 10 feet long in 1-foot increments. The sections can be joined together to make a continuous desired length. Turns of 90 degrees are accommodated by joining two opposite 45-degree floor guards.

Floor Mounted Barrier

  • Various length floor mounted barrier sections can be put together to make continuous runs in 1 foot increments of length adjacent to item being protected
  • Highly visible, yellow powder coat painted steel units provide a visible, durable, and attractive barrier
  • Easy-to-use instructions allow the heavy duty steel guard sections to be installed correctly, using furnished ½” wedge anchors
  • Barriers are designed to withstand impact from forklifts and other moving equipment
  • Floor mounted barrier sections are constructed of sturdy 7 gauge steel formed into 12″ high × 6″ wide units
  • Five strengthening gussets are welded to the back of 6–10 foot sections
  • Sections are bolted together through matching vertical gussets and bolting with the supplied 5/16″ bolts
  • Inside and outside corner adapters available in 45 degree increments

Once you have measured the overall length of the area to be protected, you should divide length of area by length of guards. It is recommended to use as many of the longest guards evenly as possible and still protect the designated area. The reason for using the longest guard possible in even numbers is both for aesthetic and economic considerations.

The longer the section, the more coverage you receive, which in turn gives you maximum protection for the most economical price. Standard sections are 3′ to 10′ long and available in 1′ increments.