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Free Standing Mezzanine

A Free Standing Mezzanine allows maximum movement through and full utilization of floor level and mezzanine level space with no cross bracing between support columns.
Go vertical with a custom mezzanine.  Free Standing Mezzanines help utilize overhead warehouse space. Steel Mezzanines are custom engineered and manufactured to quickly add floor space without a costly building expansion or operational disruptions.


A Mezzanine is the most economic way to expand. Roll-formed steel mezzanines or structural steel mezzanine systems meet all safety codes and local building codes.

Free Standing Mezzanine
 Free Standing Mezzanine Benefits


  • Adding a mezzanine will cost less than half of adding onto a building
  • A Mezzanine system is portable and can be easily reconfigured. A mezzanine can be relocated within the building or off-site as warehouse needs change
  • A storage mezzanine provides the flexibility to expand your warehouse and create new space.  StorageWorks Inc. will visit your site and design a custom mezzanine application for your budget and project needs
  • Provide office space right on the warehouse floor.  This will let you supervise operations and provide meeting areas for warehouse workers without costly office renovations
  • Increase the footprint of your space without additional concrete slab work or wall structures.  Leased spaces come with special restrictions on building expansions and modifications; that is why a storage mezzanine is the solution to space issues.
 Free Standing Mezzanine

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