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Industrial Clip Shelving

Spider Shelving System by Rousseau Metal

Rousseau Spider® Shelving System

With quick assembly and sturdy construction, the Rousseau Spider® shelving system can respond to all your storage needs. There is a wide range of accessories and dimensions available (Widths : 36'',42'', 48''; Depths : 12'',15'',18'',24''; Heights : 39'', 51'', 75'', 87'' ,99'', 111'' ,123'') to adapt to your facility. Plus, by combining Mini-Racking, adding modular drawers and expanding in height with our two-level shelving system, you will have unlimited possibilities. It is the most complete offer on the market.

Industrial Clip Shelving - Open Steel Clip Shelving

 Open Industrial Clip Shelving

• Open design ensures easy stocking and retrieval
• Compression clip provides bolt-free assembly; also makes shelf adjustments quick and easy
• Sway braces on rear and sides provides ultimate stability
• Ideal for bulky or packaged items
• Seismic applications may require additional structural bracing
• Ideal for high-rise or mobile storage


Industrial Clip Shelving - Closed Steel Shelving

Closed Industrial Clip Shelving

• Same as Open Units with added metal back and side enclosing panels
• Rigid and durable structures
• Ideal when containment and storage continuity are key
• Clean appearance ideal for front office use
• Can be customized with your own end panel surfaces to match décor




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