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Lift Tables

Hydraulic Lifts – Hydraulic lifts are available in heights ranging from 4" to 90" allowing you to raise and lower heavy loads with ease.



  • Standard Duty Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Double Scissor Lift
  • Floor Level Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Low Profile Scissor Lift
Hydraulic Lifts
Pneumatic Lifts – All pneumatic lifts are constructed with structural steel to ensure superior strength and durability in load lifting and lowering.



  • Pneumatic Scissor Lift
  • Pneumatic Self Leveling Table
Electric Lifts – Electric lifts have a compact design and include a safety velocity fuse standard on all models.



  • Light Duty Electric Scissor Lift
  • Portable Electric Scissor Lift
Electric Lift