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StorageWorks Inc. offers material handling netting solutions for fall protection.  The Barrier and Partition netting solutions, Rack and Pallet Guard systems, and Conveyor Guard products help make your material handling operations safer and better protected against product damage.

Help raise employee morale and lower accidents by protecting staff and customers from falling objects or stock that may fall off pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyors or shelves. We have material handling industrial nets and hardware for all warehouse and material handling locations.

Rack guard netting can be installed vertically or horizontally; below conveyors, above sorting lines, on the sides, rear or front of racks – anywhere you need custom nets to reduce product loss and keep people safe.

Pallet Rack and Conveyor Guard netting systems come in different mesh sizes and weight bearing loads.

Conveyor Guard Netting
Features and Benefits

  • OSHA-compliant
  • It has been dynamically tested under the supervision of an independent engineer using rigorous ANSI A10.11 test standards and methods for fall protection. It passes the toughest industry tests with flying colors!
  • It stretches to absorb shocks and loads, then returns to its original shape.
  • It comes in three weights—light, medium, and heavy—and a variety of mesh size openings. There are many color options at no additional charge. It can be custom manufactured for any application.
  • Low maintenance and high quality. The netting stands up to the elements and tough working conditions.
  • We can provide expert installation by factory trained personnel.
Pallet Rack Netting

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