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Pallet Flow Rack


Pallet Flow Systems are high density pallet storage systems that utilize depth to increase capacity. This system uses a slightly inclined rail with rollers that allow pallets to move easily along the sloped plane. These systems are also called gravity flow or dynamic flow systems. The pallet flow system often has complex motion and braking systems to control the speed of the moving pallet.

Pallet Flow racking systems are either a FIFO (first in, first out) or a LIFO(last in, first out) storage system. If the system is loaded from the back and unloaded from the front, its FIFO; if the system is loaded and unloaded from the front its a LIFO system.

Pallet Flow Rack is for full case picking and will require minimal aisles. Pallets sit flush in the rack, back-to-back and up to 20 pallets deep can be stored with the use of electro-mechanical or pneumatic speed-braking systems.

Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow racking is the best system to use if you want to utilize a small space. They are a great option for smaller warehouses. These systems are taller than they are wider, which means they take up a very small amount of space. Forklifts can move around with relative ease and ground space is maximized. Pallet flow racking is also extremely cost effective when you consider how much product you can store in a small area. Pallet Flow Rack

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