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Yard Ramps

Steel Yard Ramps are used to access trucks from the ground level. Typically when either there isn’t a truck high dock at the facility or in situations when all other docks are occupied, Yard Ramps can easily be used. There portable design allows the unit to be towed by a forklift. The double-acting hydraulic pump makes height adjustment easy.


  • All steel construction enhance ramps durability
  • Standard solid rubber tires create easy rolling
  • Ramp clamp or tow bar standard for portability
  • Steel serrated grating allows for positive traction
  • Double-acting hydraulic pump for easy height adjustment
Yard Ramps


  • Standard usable widths range from 64” to 78”
  •  Standard lengths range from 30’ to 36’
  •  Capacity ranges from 16,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs.


  • Lifting chains with or without standard lift loops
  • Tow bar – fork tine
  • Tow bar – pintle hook
  • Yard ramp without wheel & axle assembly
  • Pneumatic wheel in lieu of solid pneumatic


  • Level-off up to 12 feet in length
  • Overall widths up to 102”
  • Lengths up to 42’
  • Ramps 36’ long with no level-off
  • Capacities over 30,000 lbs.