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Pick Modules

Pick Modules are engineered racking systems that integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms that move product efficiently through a distribution facility. Pick Modules use pallet rack to support the miles of conveyor and product flow systems, thereby reducing congestion and costly pick errors.The idea behind the Pick Module is optimum flow efficiency. Palletized loads are moved by gravity through the system before being broken into cartons and pieces, then sent to pick areas and finally shipped to the consumer. Technology coupled with integrated conveyor and sortation systems direct the flow of in-bound product through the order fulfillment stage. Pick Modules
Pick Modules use the integration of Pallet Flow and Push Back storage to move palletized loads which feed into Carton Flowunits which are often outfitted with special software for paperless picking.This flow rack concept allows distribution operations to be consolidated into one facility which handles all of the logistics and has a dramatic effect on lowering fulfillment costs. Pick Modules

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